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Outdoor Intrusion Detection Systems

Cable 2 Buried passive magnetic detection system Taut Wire 2015-12-15 13.18.00 Anti Theft Solar Panel Alarm Devices

G-Max Security – Home Outdoor Perimeter Alarm Systems

G-Max Security Tech Ltd is been developing, manufacturing and marketing the world’s most advanced and complete line of integrated Outdoor perimeter alarm systems for private residence, industrial and commercial applications.

Today G-Max Outdoor perimeter detection technologies installed, protecting houses, industrial park, solar power stations, agricultural sites and many other facilities.

G-Max Security Systems – Outdoor Perimeter Sensors


 Fence Outdoor Perimeter Alarm Systems

Fence Intrusion Detection Systems

Fence Intrusion Detection Systems

·    Supersensor – Fence Mounted Sensor Cable

·    Electronic Taut Wire – Perimeter Detection Systems

·    IV Sensor – Fence Mounted Vibration System

Wall Outdoor Perimeter Alarm Systems

On Wall Concealed Magnetic Detection

On Wall Detection

·    On Wall –  Outdoor Perimeter Detection Systems

·    Supersensor Climb Detection – Smart Fences System



Underground Detection Systems


Underground Intrusion Detection Systems

Underground Alarm systems

·    Supersensor Net – Underground Net Buried Perimeter Alarm System

·    G-Sensor – Seismic intrusion detection systems

·    UPDS – Magnetic intrusion detection systems

Solar Panels security systems

Solar panel Alarm - anti-theft devices

Solar panels security – anti-theft devices

·   Photo-voltaic Solar Panel Alarm – Anti Theft Solar Panel Alarm Devices

Command & Control Centers – Security integration

Command And Control Center - G-Max4000

Command & Control Centers

·    G-Max4000 – All in One integrated Command and Control Center


Outdoor Perimeter Alarm Systems

  E-Mail: sales@g-max-security.com 
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Outdoor Perimeter Security – Fence Mounted Sensor


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Perimeter Security Systems

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